Cocoa and chocolate plants

The cocoa processing plants offered by BEAR transform raw cocoa into semifinished products.- These can be cocoa mass, cocoa butter and cocoa powder.

The technologies differ, for example, in the type of drying, the type of roasting process of cocoa beans or cocoa nibs, the different grinding processes and the debacterization.

The capacities start efficiently at 100 kg / h in cocoa mass production and can be offered by us up to 4,000 kg / h.
For the production of cocoa butter / cocoa powder, we have developed solutions that enable the production of very small quantities (from 5 kg / h) at very reasonable prices.

Our chocolate plants are based on the simple and effective production of compounds, coatings and chocolate by using ball mills.
For this purpose, the mass is prepared according to the recipe in mixers and is conveyed via buffer tanks on ball mills.
The product circulates between ball mill and buffer tank until the required fineness is achieved. To improve the taste values, additional units are installed on the buffer tank or the mixer. These can be degassing systems, spraying or other devices. Also, combinations with pre grinding plants, conches and the like are possible.

These chocolate plants are available in designs from the smallest, manually operated machines (10 kg / h) up to fully automatic large systems (4 t / h).